Catholic Education: Who Controls Our Success?

"I can't believe it! She failed me!" An irate senior sood in my classroom, complaininh about his grade in geometry. I happened to know the instructor he was complaining about was the 'Mother Theresa of math teachers,' so I cedided to follow up with a couple of key questions...

Turning The Tide: Increasing Enrollment in Catholic Education

There are currently 1.9 million students enrolled in Catholic schools across the country, a significant reduction compared to the early 1960’s when enrollment in U.S. Catholic Schools peaked at 5.2 million students (NCEA, 2015).

For parents, choosing where their children receive an education is a huge investment into their child’s future. Not only is tuition cost a factor, but the value of the instruction must justify the expense. Further complicating the decision is the fact that, with additional educational options available, parents have more choice of where their children will attend.

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Creating The New Picture in Catholic Education

If you were asked to describe organizational “culture”, what would you say?

Organizational culture is a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs, which governs how people think and act in organizations, which drives performance and results. Simply, it is the “way we do things around here”, how we handle stress and crisis, what others do when no-one is watching, all inside an organizational system. Culture is the worst behavior a leader is willing to tolerate. Ultimately, it is the invisible glue that holds an organization together. 

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