Mindset and culture dictate the success of any performance improvement plan. No matter how good a strategy may be, the educators’ belief in its merit and the belief in their own ability to deliver required behaviors are the greatest predictors of success. We accelerate performance by intentionally optimizing the collective mindset and culture to meet the performance objectives of diocesan leadership.

Our Objectives:

  • Identify and address institutional habits of thought, or “Legacy thinking” impacting Catholic Education. 
  • Align Diocesan Leadership, Superintendents and Educators around a common vision for Catholic Education within their local diocese. 
  • Develop and empower educators to perform at a level that is closer to actual potential versus perceived cultural assumptions. 
  • Equip faculty and staff with skills to mentor the habits of thought that impact student enrollment, student performance and student retention. 
  • Build a culture of co-accountability where all members serve as models, mentors and monitors for student success.

Implementation Steps: 

  • Cultural Assessment: Gain an understanding of the cultural assumptions and habits of thought presently impacting the culture and performance of your schools. 
  • Leadership Development and Leadership Alignment: Your leaders will learn to identify and address habits of thought that impact performance. 
  • Vision and Values Retreat: Your leadership team will collaborate to create/refine a common vision and core values for your organization.
  • Faculty and Staff Engagement and Empowerment: Build a culture of ownership and co-accountability around school growth objectives.